Carotid disease occurs when fatty atherosclerotic deposits (plaques) cause narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels of the neck (a. Carotis communis sinista and dextra, which are divided into the left and right inner and outer carotid arteries) that supply the brain and head with blood. In addition to stenosis and calcification of carotid arteries, the cause of carotid disease can also be arterial aneurysm, spasm artery, coiling and kingking (arterial bending and spiral twisting), arteritis. Carotid disease can occur only on one side, or on both sides, which makes it difficult to treat and aggravates the prognosis of the disease.


  • Atherosclerotic narrowing of the carotid arteries
  • Calcificates of carotid arteries, artery aneurysm, artery spasm


Dizziness,vertigo, light-headedness, and can lead to stroke and death.


Anamnesis, physical examination, carotid artery ultrasound (color doppler of neck blood vessels), CT angiography


Surgical, medical or endovascular stenting

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